So I have to name names? Well, I guess it's best that you heard this from me...although your father won't be happy.

While Infinite Resources is indeed a huge, multi-national conglomerate with many overworked yet underpaid sweatshop workers, the blood and guts of IR is our President and two VP's. Read on to find out stimulating details and trade secrets...


Bruce is the driving force behind IR. As the president and co-founder of Infinite Resources, Bruce has a vested interest in the Mac OS and in your satisfaction with your computing experience.

A 1981 graduate from the University of Georgia, and a 1990 grad from New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary, Bruce can not only debug your FileMakerPro database, but also tell you about the talking ass in the bible.

Bruce specializes in on-site consulting, and he has come up with many ingenious networking and troubleshooting solutions. Bruce is well known and respected throughout the Atlanta Macintosh community.

Bruce spends his free time boasting about the future of Apple, driving long distances in his Previa, and demonstrating his sometimes spectacularly awful taste in movies (Odd Couple 2?).


When Eric co-founded IR with Bruce, his primary function was being IR's Vice President. However, Eric was also assigned the title of secretary, mainly because he's so good at taking dictation (if you know what I mean).

Eric first became a Macintosh user while in high school, and between high school and graduating from UGA in 1992 (and getting his masters in 1994), Eric got hooked on the Mac.

Eric is now the silent partner in IR, so quiet in fact that we sometimes take his parking space and forget all about him, that silly boy.

Now married (to Kathryn) and settled out in East Cobb, Eric works full-time in computer support. Eric enjoys riding motorcycles, finding bargains, and also comiserating with Lang over the eternally hapless Atlanta Falcons.


For some reason, Bruce and Eric discovered that while they can program their way out of a BASIC box, they aren't the most artisitically inclined guys in the world. This is where Lang steps in.

As IR's Vice President and head of the creative division, Lang's job is to be artistic. Web pages, advertisements, writing copy...basically, if you can see it, he did it. In fact, he's writing in the third person right now.

Besides his flirtations with IR, Lang has many other fabulous activities he indulges himself in. These trifles include playing polo, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, burning incense, lighting candles during the day, and drinking Mountain Dew. Lots and lots of Dew.

Also, Lang writes about music and sports for a bunch of print and internet media, including Creative Loafing, Consumable Online, and Pitchfork.